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Security Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Acquiring and implementing technology without understanding or testing their efficacy immediately undermines the strength of your security.

AED ensures your systems are tested and secured. AED conducts complete technology assessment to free your organization from serious security threats.


Performing a complete technology assessment that is tried and true involves asset inventory management, vulnerability assessment, Infrastructure and system Penetration Testing, Social Engineering reviews & Compliance assessments.

AED creates effective security system, analyzes your IT environment where needed as situations change and new risks arise. AED Cyber Security Risk Assessment analyzes each level of your system, response strategies, training strategies, business continuity strategies and more. This comprehensive analysis and resulting response creates Cyber Security procedures that evolve to meet threats. Vulnerabilities in the system can be identified and filled with proper training, software patches or network reorganization, while a response strategy can be put in place to reduce the effect of an attack or system breach. We conduct industry compliance assessment to ensure your data and assets are protected. We also help your organization to mitigate or eliminate costly fines or problems that can arise from non-compliance





Our domians of security Assesement include:

  • Business process mapping

  • Information System classification

  • Information Security policy reviews and assessment

  • Data protection & retention strategy assessment

  • Incident response process assessment

  • Business continuity strategy assessment

  • HR processes assessment

  • Change management process assessment

  • Training & development plan assessment


As a critical tool for information security management, a vulnerability assessment can spot the weaknesses in your security defenses before an attacker can exploit them. Your adversaries are constantly striving to innovate their methods as they look for new ways to breach your defenses. A regular vulnerability assessment can help you be proactive in uncovering and addressing security flaws and refining your cyber security strategy to remediate them.

A vulnerability assessment is only as good as the security experts who design and execute it. An effective vulnerability assessment requires proven methodologies created by security professionals with extensive and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest threats and the skills and technology available to mitigate them.

When you lack the internal resources and want an information risk management partner to perform a thorough vulnerability assessment, AED provides an IT security team with unparalleled expertise and experience.



Our  vulnerability services include:


  • Breach simulation, operating outside of traditional testing methodologies to simulate an attacker to uncover points of weakness

  • Risk validation, where our experts attempt to breach the information security controls of your organization during a penetration test

  • Security controls assessment to examine and assess various controls, technologies and procedures and identify points of failure

  • Vulnerability discovery and threat modeling to identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your systems

At AED information security management is our focus. We specialize in helping our clients plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. From technology installations and upgrades to major architecture design and implementation, we offer best-in-class technology and expert information security consulting services to help organizations operate more successfully in a world that is increasingly interconnected.

Our comprehensive capabilities span the entire discipline of information security management. With a full range of products, services and solutions, we help clients define strategy, identify threats and risks, select and implement technologies and ensure operational readiness to address all aspects of data security.


AED’s Comprehensive Information Security Management services include:

Security Program Strategy, creating new strategies to plan, implement and manage effective information security management programs

Enterprise Risk and Compliance to develop a more secure and resilient organization.

Threat and Vulnerability Management, with hands-on expertise that solves specific security challenges by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities and threats

Our Enterprise Incident Management, enables clients to quickly move from crisis to continuity when an incident occurs.

Our Security Education and Awareness, including training in information security management and in the behaviors reduce risk and improve your security posture.

We develop solutions that help you manage user Identity and Access. We develop intelligent access solutions to reduce risk and drive business.

Our Managed Security Services serve as a remote extension of a client’s IT team to strengthen defenses and security response.

We form information Security Partnerships with our network of cyber security companies with specialized skills to ensure your company is protected from any kind of vulnerability

Security Management​​

Our Holistic Assessment