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Security Assessment

Our IT Audit Team

AED’s  IT auditing team reviews your administrative, physical, and technical controls that protect your systems and data.

IT Auditing


Our proprietary IT audit and network security audit process ensures your sensitive data remains secure. AED’s IT's cyber security audit performs a controlled external real-life evaluation and penetration test of your firewalls, network entry points, and public IP addresses for security issues that allow hackers access to your systems and data. Our cyber security audit uses a proprietary process to ensure your systems and data remain secure.




Mobile application security audit


 AED's mobile application security audit identifies security vulnerabilities related to your mobile application, interfaces to servers, databases, firewalls, and internal server configurations.  Our mobile application security audit proprietary methodology includes manual processes and penetration testing.

Social engineering security assessment

Your staff can create risks. Our social engineering security assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your security awareness and education program so you can better protect your valuable assets.  Our social engineering security assessment benchmarks your organization against industry averages.