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We have the resources to get to the bottom of your most complex financial matters. Our team of forensic accountants brings a varied background of experience to each matter.

When an organization needs to address allegations of wrongdoing, rapid response and access to the right resources are critical to stem the tide of potential reputational and financial damage. AED combines accounting, investigative, financial, technology, and industry knowledge to help clients evaluate allegations involving management, employees, or third parties.

AED'S Forensic Accountanting 


AED helps you resolve your matter by combining our accounting knowledge with experience with:

  • Investigative methodologies

  • Interactions with criminal justice agencies

  • Interviewing skills

  • Communicating with audiences from attorneys & judges to victims & suspects

Fraud Investigations

AED fraud investigators perform fraud investigations in:

  • Employee fraud: Thefts and embezzlements through employment

  • Financial statement fraud: misrepresentation of position and results within published financial statements

  • Bank fraud: Customers defrauding financial institutions (in many ways)

  • Fiduciary fraud: Theft or embezzlement by people in a position of trust over someone else’s assets

  • Employee thefts & embezzlements – small to medium sized businesses

  • Financial institutions – lending customer issues

  • Civil matters – partner’s use of funds

  • Probate matters – fiduciary’s use of funds

  • Marital dissolution matters – spouse’s use and/or disclosure of funds