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AED easily and affordably meet your security service needs by providing Managed Security Operations, Managed Detection and Response, Threat and Malware Detection, Compliance Management and more.

AED Always stay up to date with the latest threat intelligence from leading security vendors across the globe. We drive up your profitability with attractive, subscription-based pricing based on your needs.

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AED security professionals have experience working with organizations in every industry to simplify, speed up and solidify enterprise security processes.

Our shared industry experience and understanding has helped shape compelling offers that respond to today’s most pressing business challenges.

A Proven Managed SOC

 Our proven Security Operations Center (SOC) service managed services is designed to meet rapidly evolving security challenges. Our intelligence-driven managed SOC, powered by industry-leading SIEM technology brings advanced data analysis to enterprise security. Your organization can swiftly identify and counteract threats at reduced cost and with minimal disruption; the flexible, tiered scale of Managed SOC services makes it possible to establish a highly effective SOC out of the box and at low cost.


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AED has extended capabilities for system monitoring and alerting, advanced threat detection, real-time incident response, and containment and remediation. Additionally, AED takes care of your entire lifecycle of a security incident--from initial detection through returning a network back to your normal operation by AED’s security professionals solely dedicated to protecting businesses.

In today’s advanced threat environment, managed security services providers must share security intelligence and resources across a global network of locations to assess threats in real-time and collaborate globally across their operations on behalf of clients. Our technology environment provides a unique combination of people, processes and technology to protect your organization.