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Our Investigation Team


Through our efficient process, we ensure that all available information is obtained from reliable sources and subsequently provided in thorough and detailed reporting.

Background Investigations


Our Employment Verification

Our employment verification service includes current or previous work history, including dates of employment, job titles and responsibilities.

AED’s employment verification consists of a detailed questionnaire that addresses the required information about past employment and driving history, including position and employment dates, type of vehicle driven, accident history, and whether a candidate ever refused or failed a drug or alcohol test.



Education Verification
AED collects valuable information, such as school name and address, school type, highest grade completed, degree verification, major areas of study, and graduation date or dates attended, forming a more complete picture of the potential employee.

Professional Reference
AED learns more about an applicant’s past performance and character, in both personal and professional environments. Our thorough references check process includes requests information such as: How long reference knows the applicant; In what capacity does reference know the applicant; Where and in what capacity had reference worked with the applicant, etc.

Resume/CV falsification Determination.

We verify the information provided on applicants’ resume/CV to:

  • Identify false or misleading information, indicating a lack of honesty or trustworthiness that could tarnish your organization’s reputation

  • Expose red flags, such as inconsistencies or gaps in employment or education that could reveal involuntary job terminations, job hopping, or time spent in jail

  • Confirm that the claims of a candidate are true and meet an organization’s standards

  • Highlight positive qualifications and experience, or uncover undesirable character traits, before putting a job offer on the table